500 Clown: Art of Experience (Part 1)

The theater company who has long brought innovative approaches to engaging theater goers is now off to their next challenge- how to engage museum participants through provocation cards that provide accessible ways to meaningfully interact with art and space! 

EPIC 20/20

EPIC 20/20 brings together socially driven creatives for one night of inspiring presentations by people striving for good in their community! Always a blast to capture events like these. 

EPIC 2014 Spring Rallies

Another inspiring night of presentations showcasing the incredible work local creatives have done for and in collaboration with 3 stellar non-profits!

[EPIC] gives you the opportunity to do the things that you love to do, which is creating and thinking about problems and coming up with solutions- and applying that to something that you can SEE that matters.
— Chris, EPIC Lead-Top Box Foods

Engagement BBQ: Take 2

One engagement party a week before wasn't enough! Congrats to Andria & Harry! Shout out to the amazing caterer Charles Wong, on another job well done (he's also recently engaged!) 

Independence Park Farmer's Market

My husband and I experienced our first Independence Park farmer's market sponsored by GIPNA (Greater Independence Park Neighborhood Association), an incredible group of  neighborhood leaders and volunteers. Nothing like taking a stroll through the park on a beautiful day enjoying an 'alcapurria' (puerto rican banana dumpling) and selecting fresh vegetables and fruits for the week. So thankful to be apart of such a lively and vibrant neighborhood!