"[Elena is a filmmaker and curious ethnographer at heart, which helps unveil more than just surface details, no matter the topic area."


"Elena captured our wedding weekend photography and memories from October 13-14 2012 in Seaside Florida. Since we did not hire a videographer in Seaside, we wanted a special way to capture our memories and moments from our wedding day. She brilliantly mixed video, hundreds of images, music from our wedding, 1 on 1 interviews and b-roll to re-tell our story. She pushed our concept beyond a simple photo slide show to a complete story that we can share with our family for years to come. We love watching the video and have given it to all of our parents too."

- Julie

Working with Elena and Blu Crane Media was an ideal experience for our company. We sought her out based on a recommendation to make a trailer of our art exhibit that we hoped to use to draw other clients’ interest. What truly made both the process and product exceptional was Elena’s keen ability to tell stories. The questions she asked from the start helped us frame the trailer into a powerfully clear story about our company and the work we make. In addition, she is an excellent videographer with an eye for detail and a fantastic ability to take feedback. Her punctuality, clear communication and flexibility made her a joy to work with. We recommend her without hesitation and look forward to our next opportunity to hire her. 

 - Rebecca

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"Elena blends her natural talent for capturing big and small moments with a technical expertise in filming and a true mastery of storytelling. I am incredibly grateful that we asked her to document our pre-wedding celebrations with family and friends. The two videos she created for us so perfectly capture the day. 

My husband and I tried to play down the formality of our wedding festivities, but Elena helped us see the beauty in truly embracing it. Her excitement for our marriage and her role in documenting the celebrations made us feel loved and at ease.

Elena is incredibly organized and efficient in her workflow. She had video edits pulled together faster than we could get her music recommendations! She was extremely modest and asked for feedback throughout the editing process. Our request to add a few more specific friends and family members into the videos was quickly followed up with seamless edits. When we played the final videos for our parents, they received a round of applause. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they moved me to tears. 

Following the celebrations filmed by Elena, my husband and I got married in a very small ceremony out of town. Upon receiving the raw footage captured from this event, we immediately handed it over to Elena. We trust her expertise and can't wait to see what she puts together."

- Maris & Antonio

"As we are in the process of adopting a child, we wanted to make a little film to share with birth parents who are working hard to find the best adoptive family for their babies according to their own values and beliefs. And boy did Elena deliver! She helped us to concept and art direct the idea, was willing to meet in person to brainstorm and dig in deeper and her keen eye for capturing just the right moments during the shoot and her ability to story tell perfectly through editing is truly a gift. We couldn't be happier with what she created for us."

- Erin 



"Elena provided the vision for Noble Toy Company’s Kickstarter video. We worked together over the course of a few days, and each day she brought in sunshine and optimism. She sees the heart of the story, the heart that we entrepreneurs begin to dismiss because we are too close to the details; we suffocate under the realities that threaten to kill a dream. Elena reframes the familiar with her storytelling and presents us with the beating heart and tender soul of our calling. We see her work and it reminds us of the “why?” Suddenly, the gears turn and something moves inside us, and we smile and say, “This. This is why I’m giving life to this dream.”

- Chris

Elena did a stellar job capturing and packaging the spirit of The Comradery’s launch event. During a special yet chaotic time for us, she jumped right in with very little direction and immense professionalism, for which I am grateful. Elena has a way of putting people at ease when interviewing them and as a result they really open up on camera. It was such a gift to hear what our community had to say about our organization and her footage helped set us off on a great journey. She’s a natural storyteller, bringing vision and clarity to the editing process, in a way that beautifully expressed our mission and the voice of the organization. She nailed it!

- Deborah



Elena filmed and edited all of the behinds-the-scenes work videos on workforce.io, in addition to a common craft style video that introduces our
startup company. Our customers remember us by that video. Common craft was a new style for her, but she learned quickly and produced a fantastic
Elena's ability to tell compelling stories has helped her capture what it's like to be a welder, line cook, and forklift operator - in 2 minutes each! She is a filmmaker and curious ethnographer at heart, which helps unveil more than just surface details, no matter the topic area. In the time Elena films with you, she gets to know you and tells your story in a way you could not. She also is quick to turn around edited video, and very open to feedback. In the end, she always delivers energetic, high quality work.
In addition to her professional qualities, Elena is a really pleasant person to work with. She's collaborative, creative and optimistic. I have worked with her over 4 years, and without hesitation, I'd recommend Elena for any of your video needs - from weddings to business.

- Abby C.